Children for Children (CFC)

A program particularly focused on the betterment of hawker children ……

A Program particularly focused on the betterment of hawker children. This program is solely operated by Hawker children (Hawker children are those who sell items such as newspapers, food, etc. in the street for their living) under the patronage of Prayas Nepal. This program is initiated to provide counseling and encourage them for education, socialization, or any vocational training and allow them to be part of awareness programs and campaigns within other groups of street children. Every Saturday, 40 to 50 children pay a visit to Prayas Nepal and share their experiences and problems. We counsel and provide them with solutions for their problems. Along with that, we also allow them to engage in many entertaining coaching activities, games, and mini-competitions. Moreover, some of the students who had completed their studies through the support from this program have been signposted to proper jobs, thus making them financially independent.

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