About Us

Prayas Nepal is a non-profit and non-governmental organization without any religious and political affiliation. The journey of a thousand miles began on 1st May, 2003, and we have irrevocably dedicated ourselves to help children in need. Prayas Nepal has continuously been striving to protect the rights of children, women and senior citizens and providing homes for the orphan and abandoned children with educational facilities.

Our Story

Our Journey Begins...

JUNE 2003:

Our story began with the establishment of a children’s home in a rented house in Kathmandu, designed to house and support up to 10 orphans and underprivileged children

MAY 2004: 

We relocated our children’s home to a larger home that can accommodate 25 children due to the overwhelming volume of enrolment requests. This was a significant step as it allowed us to review the practices that we had then adopted and considerably work on to improve and expand its operations and services, thereafter. Henceforth, it has accommodated more than 40 children (80% more), providing a healthy and sound environment for the children to thrive on love and care.

MARCH 2005:

We relocated to Baluwatar to our building, which was built to accommodate 45 kids. This was carried out specifically to guarantee the children a stable and safe environment by giving them a permanent place to live.The children’s home stands as a symbol of our commitment to addressing the challenges of child abandonment and poverty. Housing over 40 children it offers security and assurance, ensuring each child’s fundamental needs are met. We embrace children from diverse backgrounds—abandoned, orphaned, abused, and those who have experienced trauma due to the loss of their parents—providing nothing but immense love and support.

Our Mission

We strive to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life, living with dignity and purpose of deprived children, women, and senior citizens by:

Protecting – Right of children, women, and senior citizens

Providing – Abode for orphan and abandoned children; and formal and non-formal education

Promoting – Water, sanitation, and hygiene; health and nutrition; environmental protection and relief work during natural calamities

Our Vision

We envision transforming lives for good; an equitable world where children, women and elderly thrive in love, care and support

Our Values

Accountability: Hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our every-day activities and for the commitments it makes towards fulfilling our objectives

Integrity: Act honestly and transparently

Love and Compassion: Love and care is the center of everything we do. Go out of our ways to help those in dire straits

Inclusivity: Equal access to resources, opportunities, and opportunities for those who might  be marginalized or excluded otherwise

Collaborating: Helping and joining hands with other organizations and individuals with similar goals for a better society


Why it matters?

While you are reading this, thousands of children live in the terror of being alone right now and are forced to navigate life independent of parental figures. Children embody prosperity, fundamental assets, and the future of a nation. The organization, upon realizing it, devoted itself to the mission of safeguarding the tentative beginning stages of the abandoned and the “left-behinds”.

According to Nepal’s statistical data project, there are 11.5 million children in Nepal, and out of them about 1, 00,000 are orphans.We are acutely aware of the circumstances surrounding abandoned children, understanding that their suffering holds a unique and paramount significance among various forms of pain. Harsh social realities, including single-parent households, economic hardship, unequal distribution of national wealth, limited economic opportunities, social structures, and political conflicts, contribute to the deprivation of fundamental necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and education for a significant number of children.

How We Care


Children’s Home

How We Care

At Prayas Nepal, our mission is to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for orphaned and abandoned children. We believe that every child deserves a chance at a bright and promising future, and we are dedicated to making that vision a reality. Our commitment to caring for these children extends far beyond providing them with necessities; it encompasses their emotional, educational, and social well-being.

Compassion and Love

Our dedicated staff, youth of Prayas Nepal, and volunteers are passionate about creating a warm and caring family-like atmosphere where each child can thrive emotionally. We ensure that they feel valued, secure, and understood, helping them heal from any past traumas and build strong emotional foundations.

Education and Development

We provide the children with access to quality education, ensuring they receive the necessary tools and support to excel academically. We encourage a love for learning, helping children reach their full potential.

Nutrition and Health

The physical well-being of our children is of utmost importance. We provide well-balanced, nutritious meals to ensure they grow up healthy and strong. Regular health check-ups are conducted, and we promptly address any medical concerns. We promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise, yoga, meditation, and hygiene, instilling lifelong habits that contribute to their overall well-being.

Cultural and Social Enrichment

We celebrate diversity and respect the unique cultural backgrounds all over Nepal. Through various cultural and social activities, we help them build a sense of identity and belonging. Individuals and organizations from different sectors also help to instil cultural values during their visit among the children living here.

Preparation for Independence

Our objective is to empower every child with the skills and confidence necessary to navigate an independent and successful life beyond their time in our care. To achieve this, we provide life skills training, career counseling, mentorship programs, and, most importantly, actively involve the children in our daily activities and community projects, tailored to their understanding and age. This approach aims to facilitate a smooth transition into adulthood, fostering self-sufficiency in each individual.

Prayas Nepal is not just a place to live; it’s a place to thrive. We care deeply for every child under our wing, and we are dedicated to giving them the love, support, and opportunities they need to flourish. Together, we can make a lasting impact and change the lives of these incredible children.Join us in our mission to provide hope, care, and a brighter future for orphaned children. Your support can make all the difference.

Our Restaurant

Story Behind Love Appetite

Love Appetite is a restaurant under Prayas Nepal , where every meal you enjoy has a purpose. We are proud to be a project that empowers youth staying in children’s homes by providing them with vocational training and employment opportunities in the hospitality industry and the earnings will be used for the schooling of children staying in Prayas children’s Home. 


The eatery features a diverse menu including light afternoon meals, various types of prepared teas, and other refreshing beverages. Our specialty is MoMos, Keema Noodle and different types of tea. Ms. Sunita Magar and Ashika Deula are some of our talented children and are serving as the main chefs. She possesses excellent cooking skills and adept knowledge to manage and operate the kitchen. This beautiful platform for the grown-up youth of Prayas Nepal is visualized and supported by young entrepreneur Mr. Raunak Datt, an Indian citizen who is working in Abu Dhabi along with his parents, respected Ramneek Datt and Rashi Datt.

When you enjoy a meal with us, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a worthy cause. Every dish is prepared with care and love by our team of talented chefs grown up in Prayas children’s home .Our menu features a range of delicious typical local dishes that are sure to delight your taste buds at pocket friendly price. So, why not come and try our food and at the same time , make a positive.

Do Support Us...

Support us by visiting our Restaurant or Order Online to encourage our Young children

Here, is Contact Information for our Restaurant

Phone no: 01-4533943 and 9801114954

Address: Lamtangin Marg, Baluwatar