Elder Education Program

Ensuring the future of the young ones by securing the present of the elder one’s

The right to education, such as all other human rights, is universal and extends to individuals regardless of age. The foundation of learning to read is laid by the primary caregivers in a child’s life. “Ensuring the future of the young ones by securing the presence of the elder ones” With this motto Prayas Nepal has been initiating the senior citizen education Programme. Despite the organization’s efforts in offering educational assistance to underprivileged students, challenges such as dropouts, early marriages, and various socio-physiological issues persist among the students. The program aimed to conduct 8 education classes for the elderly in Dhanusa District, which was successfully done alongside the support from International Action. After the success of the previously conducted

Program, which was conducted in Rukum, Bijeshwori V.D.C. for 213 enthusiastic

Women participants with financial support from Fondo Paolo

Ferrari, Italy.

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