COVID Relief Program

COVID has taken a great toll on the lives of the Nepalese people. We were disheartened on hearing how, due to limited resources;

COVID has taken a great toll on the lives of the Nepalese people. We were disheartened on hearing how, due to limited resources; the overall socio-economic situation of the underprivileged group had worsened. With the active partnership with the respective authorities,  

We believe that change can be propelled through their part of the contribution. The main objectives of the visit were as follows: 

  • To distribute edibles and essential items to the families affected by the lockdown due to COVID-19,
  • To raise awareness about the emerging pandemic through the food distribution program,
  • To encourage and provide words of hope to the local residents.


We recognized that the loss of income sources had made it difficult to maintain minimum standards for the security of basic facilities. Safety materials, basic food materials and edibles such as oil, rice, lentils, and other safety products, as well as hygiene kits containing face masks and soap, were distributed to the village’s residents in order to improve the daily lives and living standards of the underprivileged and vulnerable members.

The food distribution program was a success, assisting 50 households in each of the two wards.


Prayas Nepal, along with volunteer members and other key staff members, set out to address the issues that the municipality’s residents were facing. Face masks, hand soap, and edibles such as grain products, rice salt, and oil were distributed to residents of the municipality’s four wards: Chyamranbesi, Dhungakhara, Barabesi, and Chalalal Ganesthan. The relief aid program was able to assist approximately 10 Chyaranbesi households, 11 Dhungakhara households, 11 Barabesi households, and 32 Chalalal Ganesthan households.


With the very objective of addressing the issues of limited access to safety and inadequate response in COVID counteraction in areas as rural as some parts of Kirtipur municipality, Prayas Nepal was successful in forestalling a relief campaign for the victims of COVID-19. The program was carried out with the conscious adoption of safety measures and COVID guidelines. Through its collaboration with the local bodies of the municipality and impeccable support from the volunteer members and staff, it was able to become a significant part of the contribution, mostly for the targeted and marginalized groups. Due to the pandemic, food and other basic amenities experienced acute shortages in many areas of this municipality. Team Prayas, through the operation of the relief campaign as such, was able to help the residents through the distribution of basic edibles such as grain products (rice and cereal), eggs and oil, and COVID essentials like hygiene kits (soap) and face masks. In such a challenging time, the distribution of necessary items was deemed to be useful amidst the pandemic as financial and socio-economic difficulties were persistent in most of the households. The relief program was able to succor about 40 households in Ward 9. Additionally, relief items were also distributed to 60 blind people.


The impact of the pandemic was particularly evident among the vulnerable population, and like many other districts, those residing on the edge of Ramechhap faced significant challenges during this difficult period. As a step to relieve the plight of those living in poverty, the COVID relief program was operated.  Through the provision of basic materials such as grain products like rice and cereal, food materials like eggs, oil, salt, and nutria, and hygiene kits including soap and face masks, the relief campaign was able to succor about 40 households of Lamagaun Shahi Tole, 71 households of Rampura, Ward 5 and 91 households of Sukajor.

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