Prayas Nepal at a Glance

Prayas Nepal is a non-profit and non-governmental organization sans any religious and political affiliation. The journey of a thousand miles began on 1st May, 2003, and we have irrevocably dedicated ourselves to help children in need. Prayas Nepal has continuously been striving to protect the rights of children, women and senior citizens and providing homes for the orphan and abandoned children with educational facilities.

JUNE 2003:
With the capacity to accommodate10 orphans and underprivileged children, the foundation of a children’s home was laid in a rented house in Kathmandu which marks the beginning of the feat so awaited.

MAY 2004:
We shifted our children’s home in a house with more space and capacity to facilitate 25 children. This was a significant step as it allowed us to review on the practices that we had then adopted and considerably work on to improve and expand its operations and services, thereafter. Thenceforth, it has accommodated more than 40 children (80% more), providing a healthy and sound environment for the children to thrive on love and care.

MARCH 2005:
We brought our own building at Baluwatar with the capacity to accommodate 45 children. This was done for the very purpose of ensuring that the kids had a permanent home, thus providing them a secure and stable environment.
The children’s home is indeed a paradigm of our efforts to address the issues of child abandonment and poverty. An abode to more than 40 children, our children’s home provides security and assurance to the children, ensuring that each of the children is fulfilled with the basic necessities. We foster children coming from various backgrounds- abandoned, abused and those who had to go through traumatic experiences due to their bereaved parents, with nothing but immense love and support.

We strive to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life, living with dignity and purpose of deprived children, women and senior citizens by:
Protecting - right of children, women and senior citizens
Providing - abode for orphan and abandoned children; and formal and non-formal education
Promoting - water, sanitation and hygiene; health and nutrition; environmental protection and relief work during natural calamities

We envision transforming lives for good; an equitable world where children, women and elderly thrive in love, care and support
  • Accountability - hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our every-day activities and for the commitments it makes towards fulfilling our objectives
  • Integrity - act honestly and transparently
  • Love and Compassion - love and care is the centre of everything we do. And go out of our ways to help those in dire straits
  • Inclusivity - provide equal access and opportunities and resources to people who might have been marginalized or excluded otherwise
  • Collaborating - Helping and joining hands with other organizations with similar goals for a better society