…Better and safer environment for Quality Education
Having recognized the insufficiency in the dissemination of proper education tools and materials and the development of the infrastructures of the schools of rural Nepal, we also have been working for the welfare of certain schools in the rural parts of Nepal. In order to provide a good learning milieu for the students and to ameliorate the school management, we reach schools which have inadequate and damaged classrooms, poor physical facilities and a generally poor learning environment and support them to build/refurbish the infrastructure for a better learning environment for their children. Our working modularity for this programme is as follows:

⦁ Built 4 toilets, a two-roomed building and renovated 2 rooms in Bijeshwori Lower Secondary School, Chaurjahari of Rukum District in the year 2010,

⦁ Built a six-roomed school building, 4 toilets and retained wall in Shree Bhumeshwari Secondary School at Ramechhap district in the year 2012,

⦁ Built a school building with 5 rooms in Shree Sukhani Secondary School at Dhading in 2013,

⦁ Built 40 toilets for the locals of Sunsari in 2018,

⦁ Built a two storey building with 8 rooms in Shree Sukhani Secondary School at Dhading in 2019,