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In operation since 2004, this project aims to lift the status of conflict victimized and underprivileged women of the society. Prayas Nepal has worked to rescue and rehabilitate the conflict victimized children and women through counselling and training and also through the provision of food, clothes, shelter and education. Important issues such as women rights and empowerment, which were totally ignored since time immemorial, had been addressed through rigorous training, education and relief aid programs for women with the very objective of empowering them. A shelter for women was established between the years 2004 and 2006 at Bhimsengola, Kathmandu alongside assistance from International Action, Italy. The main objectives of this programme are as follows:
• To rehabilitate and rescue women by providing food, clothes and shelter for homeless children and women,
• To improve the mental and psychological health of the victimized women thorough counselling service,
• To aware and provide education for their knowledge enhancement as well as to build up
• To make the women independent providing empowerment programme through education and training,
• To train the other local groups using our previous trainees.