Women Empowerment

Program           : Home for Conflict Victim children and women (HCVCW) in rural areas of Nepal

Duration           : 12 months

Objective          : Skill developing and income generating program and education

Capacity           : 10 Women and 20 children

This project has been designed and developed specially keeping in mind those children and women who have been adversely affected by the decade long armed conflict that has shattered the lives and dreams of thousands of innocent children and women. Though this project will not be able include all such children and women, it has been able to give new lives, hopes and opportunity enliven lost dreams of some children and women. The project focused on women and children from the worst affected areas of the country; develop a systematic approach to uplift the women in the society; and provide a secure future to the children through various programs and activities.  Many children and women survivors of conflict and of the rural area are working in miserable and vulnerable condition for their survival, putting their education, health, development and even risking their life. Many of them are also working as bonded laborers, domestic helpers who are often traumatized and abused by their employers and seniors. Young girls and women are special victims of these people. They need proper counseling and guidance for their rehabilitation. And, social reintegration is the ultimate rehabilitation of such children.  The goal of the project is to enable the women and children to regain the rights, identity and status in the society by reintegrating those women and children who have been separated from their families and homes; and rehabilitating those who have lost entire family, property and have been displaced due to the conflict by empowering them with both education and skilled trainings. We aimed to empower women victimized due to both Maoist and the Government force. Initially, we have started this project as “Home for Conflict Victim Women and Children” and our target group was to empower and provide shelter for the women affected by the conflict between Maoist and the Government only. We run this project in Kathmandu for two year and we reintegrated 46 women in this period. In the second year of the project, we facilitate suppressed group of women both conflict victim and from the ethnic group. To achieve the goal specific objectives are formulated as below: 

  1. To literate the targeted group by providing  basic and various awareness education 
  2. To build up their self confidence through counseling and providing them Empowerment training.
  3. To provide education to the children
  4. To establish and sustain them back in society by providing various skill development and income generating training like:
  • Knitting

  • Cutting and tailoring
  • Weaving

Other various income generating short courses

  • Candle making

  • Pickle making

  • Incense making

  • Soft toys
  • Snack food item

Now, those trained women are sharing their skill and education with the women of their home town and Prayas is supporting through providing training materials and allowance for the trainers who were the trainees before.