Children for Children

This program will be solely operated by hawker children (a group of street children who sells newspaper in the street) under the patronage of Prayas Nepal. The responsibility of Prayas Nepal will be

  • to provide them counseling,
  • to encourage them for education and socialization
  • to enable them for making awareness campaigning within other street children.
  • to provide them vocational training and the role of Hawker children will be
  • to operate awareness campaign in different group of street children and motivate them join the informal/formal education classes.
  • to organize children for children clubs (CCC) in different group of street children Achievements:
    • With the initiation of these children, a heath camp was conducted for the children who are working in the bank of the river as a stone breaker on 2nd July 2005. Near about 1,000 such children were cured at that camp.
    • Prayas Nepal has distributed rain coat to 50 hawker children on 9th July 2005.

Artical was published in Republica

street drama “Stop Glue Sniffing in Street” at Basantapur on January 2. Organized by Children for Children, a club established for hawker children by Prayas Nepal, a non-governmental organization working for children and women’s welfare, in conjunction with Heartbeat, a group of youth working for children, the drama aimed to spread the message about the disadvantages of the Dendrite phenomenon through child hawkers to other addicted children, said Mani Joshi, president of Prayas Nepal. The drama was written and initiated by 13 members of Children for Children.