About Prayas Nepal

Prayas Nepal, a non-government, non-profitable, social organization was established on May 01 2003 with the forethought of defending the rights of women, children and senior citizens. The organization has been putting its efforts to improve the living standard of women, children, senior citizens, and the destitute of the nation implementing proactive measures and stressing on fundamental rights.

The organization aspires in achieving its set target through practical implementation (like rehabilitation, providing shelter, education, and awareness program) and aims at accomplishing its prime objectives through:


  • Enforcing child right law
  • Protecting the right of the women
  • Launching training and awareness oriented programs
  • Protecting the helpless, the disabled and the aged
  • Conducting country and inter country adoption Program
  • Carrying out acts necessary to safeguard the rights and interests of the women and children
  • Generating awareness through publicity, symposium, seminar, and training
  • Working with the government for drinking water, sewerage improvement, health and sanitation services and acts maintaining environment balance